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Today's rapid advance in computing technology means that computer monitors quickly become obsolete. Therefore computer monitors are updated on a regular basis in order to take advantage the latest developments.

This has led to the problem of what to do with the rapidly growing stockpile of old computer monitors, dump them or recycle them

Recycling old computer equipment is the only real option, but only around 10-15% of old computer equipment is being recycled. The rest is either being stored in homes, garages, expensive office space or even worse being dumped in landfill sites.

Companies storing old computer equipment are entertaining a false economy. It is actually more expensive storing old computer equipment when you take into account the cost of office / storage space

Old crt monitors, and old TFT monitors, contain among other things plastic, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals (lead, cadmium, antimony, beryllium, chromium and mercury), electronic boards (gold, palladium, silver and platinum). Many of these materials are toxic and do not break down naturally, and if put into a landfill site will eventually contaminate the water table.

The best option when dealing with old computer monitors is to recycle them, and to have it done by a recycling company that specializes in recycling computer equipment. They recycle old monitors by removing useful computer parts before breaking down what is left, safely removing all hazardous materials in the process.A standard sized cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor can contain more than 2lbs of lead.

Nearly all of the major monitor manufacturers run some type of monitor recycling program. These programs involve them taking back your old computer, and disposing of them responsibly, at no extra cost to you when you purchase a new monitor from them.

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