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Data is stored on media like hard disks, disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and other storage media such as pen drives. Data can get damaged or go missing in a variety of ways from media failure to flood damage, or it could have simply just been erased. On most occasions a large percentage of this data can be recovered using a variety of techniques.

Data recovery can sometimes be done using Steller data recovery software, or even free software, but sometimes you may require the assistance of data recovery specialists.

Any lost data can probably be recovered later as Formatting or even low-level formatting does not remove data beyond recovery. Even when every single byte of information on your drive has been written over a lot can still be recovered by extra sensitive recovery systems.

It really comes down how much is your lost data worth !!

For lost data on a hard drive be aware that but subsequent work you do on the PC could overwrite the location where the file was, so it is important to minimize amateur attempts at data recovery.

When you think you have experienced some data loss STOP.

DON'T open a hard drive to see if you can "repair" it.

If you have to work on other data you still have on the drive, make a mirror but NEVER work on the original drive.

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